The Northern Virginia Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management (NoVA PRISM) brings together local jurisdictions, state and federal agencies, nonprofits, and for-profits to encourage community buy-in and support to stop the spread of invasive species while restoring natural habitats. This partnership facilitates collaboration between member organizations to prioritize goals and tackle new problems, such as the establishment and expansion of new invasive plant species.


In its first year, the NoVA PRISM is focusing on the Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Park and Trail.  Through a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the PRISM is developing a natural resource inventory and management plan for the Park and Trail, and is coordinating with partners and stakeholders on five pilot projects in or near the W&OD corridor.  These projects will prioritize the protection and restoration of native meadows and riparian habitat through removal of encroaching invasive plant species and planting of natives where needed.

Our functions include:

  • Establish a partnership network and communication for those involved in invasive species information and management within the NoVA PRISM region. Facilitate opportunities for cooperation including sharing of information, personnel, equipment and expertise.
  • Collect and share information regarding invasive species issues and management to improve efficacy of local and regional efforts.
  •  Increase public, partner, and stakeholder awareness and understanding of invasive species issues and management with the purpose of impacting positive change and action.
  • Facilitate the prevention of new occurrence, spread, and further establishment of invasive species within the NoVA PRISM region.
  • Collaborate with Partners on control of invasive species, establishment of long-term monitoring, development of management plans, and restoration of impacted sites.

For more information, call 703-228-1862 or email us.